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Above you will find the books that she recommends for every writer's library of tools.

In addition to being an author, Bonnie S. Calhoun is an accomplished speaker for conference workshops, and group meetings, on a range of topics from writing to website design and social media. You can contact her using the "Email Me" link in the navigation bar.
Writing Topics

I Hear You Talking

Dialogue is nothing more than having a conversation. How hard can that be? Let’s discuss the seven common mistakes we usually make writing dialogue, and learn how to avoid them. And we’ll learn how to use dialogue to tighten or release scene tension at will.

Who Is That Character?

Come with us as we explore character development including their emotional and psychological depth. Learn how to have the audience on your characters side from the beginning. Who is your character and how do they cope? Even villains can have a soft side!

Excuse Me But Your Edits Are Showing

If you want your manuscript to move to the head of the pile, that means taking the time to make it tight. Writing and editing are two separate skills. Writers are born…but editing can be taught! Come and learn to be your own editor! Discussion of R.U.E. (Resist the Urge to Explain), (MRU) Motivational Response Units, Deep POV, and Scenes and Sequels.

Social Networking Topics

Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter – Creating Internet Presence

For the cost of zero dollars an author can easily create an internet presence that effectively reaches thousands of people a day. Learn how to quickly create a blog, a Profile page, and Tweet to the masses.

Facebook Profile vs Facebook Pages

Profiles are for people. Pages are for business. Profiles are limited to 5000 friends, while Pages are unlimited. Profiles you can only contact 20 people at a time. Pages you can contact everyone at the same time. Come learn all the advantages and disadvantages of both!

Website Topics

Website Consultation

Do you need to advice on your sitemap organization or 
color palette? Are you not sure what you want to include in 
a website? Want to know how to get your present blog, or multiple to show up in your website?

Website SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization, and why do I need it? Learn like a pro, and understand how to use the powerful search engines to your advantage.

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